Academic Resource Center

Who We Are

The Academic Resource Center (ARC) is a resource that is committed to providing academic support and learning skills that will maximize the student’s capability of reaching their full potential at the University of Mount Olive.  The focus of the ARC is to help the student understand course content and develop transferable learning skills.  Our programs are designed to meet the needs of our on-campus and online student populations.

What We Offer

The ARC offers resources to help students gain the most from their education through academic and learning support.  These helpful resources are available for students on campus and online.

Our Programs provides 24/7 online tutoring services to all UMO students.  Students can access on-demand and 1-on-1 support in over 250 subjects, as well as writing assistance and resume/cover letter services.

UMO Clinics

ARC clinics are provided throughout the week in high-demand content and courses. These are designated voluntary study times in which a subject matter expert is available to assist in the student’s studies. Online and in-person sessions are available. Information about specific clinic offerings during the semester is available in MyUMO or by contacting the Academic Resource Center directly.

Peer Tutoring

Face-to-face and virtual peer tutoring is available free of charge by request to all UMO students. Peer tutors can help students gain a greater understanding of material within a course that is hindering success.

Supplemental Instruction (SI)

SI is a program that is attached to specific traditional courses where students participate in collaborative learning exercises designed to complement the classroom experience. Structured weekly learning session are held to encourage students to work together to develop strategies to master course content and prepare for quizzes and test in more difficult general education courses including math, science, psychology, English, and literature.

Learning Accountability Program (LAP)

LAP is a comprehensive program to assist students in their transition to college studies, remediate learning gaps, adopt productive academic skills, and develop self-confidence via a personalized monitored structure. The purpose of the program is to offer structured support for incoming traditional students on academic advisement and previously enrolled students on academic probation.

Where We Are Located

The Academic Resource Center is located on the first floor of Moye Library in the Learning Commons. The ARC is also accessible no matter where you are with our online resources!


Moye Library Learning Commons
(919) 658-7544