Commercial Pesticide Applicator – Ornamental & Turf, Ag Pest – Plant, Livestock & Poultry

The North Carolina Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services oversees commercial ground pesticide applicator certification and licenses in several categories. Students are able to prepare for and take exams to become certified in the following areas: Ornamental & Turf Pest Control, Agricultural Pest Control – Animal – Livestock & Poultry, and Agricultural Pest Control – Plant. After becoming certified, students can be licensed as commercial pesticide applicators to apply pesticides for hire in North Carolina.

Certified Crop Advisor

The American Society of Agronomy established the Certified Crop Adviser program which serves as a benchmark for agronomy professionals. UMO students prepare for and can take the North Carolina and the International CCA exam. After completing the exams, license applicants must have two years of experience and a bachelor of science degree in an agronomy-related field. Certified Crop Advisors are respected and serve as advisers and consultants working with farmers and farm managers on their production practices and deliver recommendations for improving and protecting crops and achieving optimum yield.

Certified Plant Professional

The North Carolina Nursery & Landscape Association offer a written and plant identification test to acknowledge the proficiency of green industry professionals known as the Certified Plant Professional. A rigorous exam ensures that certified individuals are able to correctly identify plants and answer written questions regarding nursery and landscape operations, plant maintenance and utilization.

Beef Quality Assurance

A national program meant to raise consumer confidence through proper management techniques and quality commitment. This certification is made possible through the Beef Checkoff and ensures that farmers have the best quality measures in place for beef cattle handling and production. Locally, this program is administered through the NC Cattlemen’s Association.

Pork Quality Assurance

An education and certification program to ensure that swine farmers and farm employees use best management practices to promote food safety, good quality livestock, and improved animal well-being. This program is provided through the National Pork Board Pork Checkoff.

Transport Quality Assurance

This certification offered through the National Pork Board Pork Checkoff helps swine transporters, producers, and handlers learn how to best handle, move, and transport swine and ensure well-being of livestock during handling and transport. Routine care, treatment, reproduction, moving, and loading are all aspects of animal care that are covered through educational training.

Animal Waste Management

The North Carolina Department of Environmental Quality requires that any animal waste management operators be certified to manage waste systems and utilize nutrients. This certification is beneficial for any student desiring to work in the livestock industry.

Hunter Safety Instructor

The North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission Hunter Education Program provides certification to individuals to educate and certify safe hunters across North Carolina. Hunter Safety Educators promote safe handling of firearms and archery equipment, teach responsible, ethical conduct by hunters, educate sportsmen in the various methods and the proper use of equipment, and endorse the importance of wildlife management laws and regulations.