Traditional Undergraduate Financial Aid

If you are a recent high school graduate considering a University of Mount Olive education, your first concern should not be how to pay for it. Finding the “right fit,” the best academic programs, and the most positive environment should be your top priority. That’s why making college as affordable as possible is one of our primary goals at the University of Mount Olive.

In order to assist in offsetting the cost of paying for college, the University of Mount Olive is committed to helping each and every incoming freshman student obtain the best financial aid package available. Our dedicated financial aid counselors are ready and available to meet with you individually to discuss the best options for you.

As one of the most affordable private colleges in North Carolina, the University of Mount Olive offers a competitive financial aid package including scholarships, grants, and loans. A summary of scholarships and grants including their criteria and award amount are listed below to help ease you through this process.

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