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Institutional Effectiveness

Welcome to the Office of Institutional Planning and Support. Using the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS) Standard 2.5 as a reference, an institution can begin to realize how appropriate the term “institutional” is in institutional effectiveness. Standard 2.5:

The institution engages in ongoing, integrated, and institution-wide research-based planning and evaluation processes that (1) incorporate a systematic review of institutional mission, goals, and outcomes; (2) result in continuing improvement in institutional quality, and (3) demonstrate the institution is effectively accomplishing its mission.

The University of Mount Olive engages in institutional-wide planning, budgeting, and assessment utilizing a product called Strategic Planning Online (SPOL). Here the institution can plan, input the research and results, and then improve based on the assessment of those results. In this manner, IPS assist planners to demonstrate Institutional Effectiveness (how well it attains its mission and meeting the goals and objectives).

IPS houses four areas of services: Assessment Services, Institutional Research and Planning, and Technology Services & Support. Follow the links below to go directly to the individual area.


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