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Advantages of Attending a Private College

Deciding which college to attend is a big decision –– how do you know if it’s the right fit for you? As a private university, UMO offers students many advantages. Not only do private universities put the priority of the students above all else, but they create an atmosphere that allows students to achieve maximum academic success.


A private university, like the University of Mount Olive, can offer its students the following advantages:

  • Committed professors. Professors have more time to spend with their students to ensure they achieve their academic goals.
  • Merit scholarships and other financial incentives. Private colleges usually offer interested students merit scholarships, grants, and other financial incentives. Often, students attending private colleges pay about the same tuition as those attending public universities.
  • Smaller classes. Classes at the University of Mount Olive are small –– generally around 15 students per class. This helps students receive a more focused education without the distraction of big classes.
  • Engaged students. If you are looking to attend a university where most students are committed to their academic success, a private college may be right up your alley. At the University of Mount Olive, students are engaged when they are in the classroom, and they fully participate in academic discussions and debates.
  • Involved community. Campus activities and a close-knit community are integral parts of life at a private college. If you are looking for a place where you can get involved with your fellow students, look no further than a private university.
  • Learning is the central focus. At a private university, like the University of Mount Olive, we put a higher focus on learning rather than the curriculum itself.


Wondering if the University of Mount Olive is the right fit for you? Contact us today –– we would be happy to answer any questions you may have about enrolling.