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The University of Mount Olive is dedicated to the total development of all students in an environment nurtured by Christian values. Small class sizes allow for personalized attention and focus on career and personal development. The commitment of our faculty and staff, coupled with a driving ambition of our students, promotes success.

A University of Mount Olive Education Provides

A liberal arts education that nurtures systematic thinking and communication skills, including:

The University of Mount Olive encourages academic, physical, social, and spiritual growth to equip men and women for a meaningful life and career. To accomplish its academic and social goals, the University provides an atmosphere in which positive relationships can flourish. UMO emphasizes the availability of its faculty and staff for advisement and guidance, encouraging students to engage in conversation and discussion with their professors. The University strives to open students' minds and create in them a passion for lifelong learning, plus a tolerance for discernment of diverse opinions. UMO stresses personal ethics such as integrity, honesty and industriousness as attributes of the educated person.

The University of Mount Olive provides a solid education for life and career. Challenging academic programs are designed to prepare our students for rewarding employment or graduate studies. An emphasis on effective teaching focuses on learning to evaluate and to make decisions in order to develop the ability to think independently, constructively and creatively.

Whether you’re a traditional undergraduate, an adult or online student, or a graduate student, the University of Mount Olive is sure to have a degree program offering the educational tools to help you achieve your academic and personal goals!