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Academic Advising

Academic Advising

Help, Guide, and Support

The University of Mount Olive views student advisement as developmental and integrates the resources of the University community to help students become self-directed, lifelong learners. The advising process helps students to identify and clarify life goals, to develop a realistic and successful educational program, and to plan for their careers.

Empower Success

Advisors monitor attendance, GPA, and performance of students each semester, and recommend courses of action utilizing a host of student services to coordinate efficient processes.

Drive for Excellence

All students at the University of Mount Olive are assigned an academic advisor that will work proactively with students to identify potential issues before they become emergent. All advisors maintain weekly office hours for routine conferences with students. A student can verify their academic advisor at any point by reviewing their student schedule in Self-Service for the current term in MyUMO.


Contact Sonya O’Brien, Director of Academic Advising
Office located in Raper Hall, 131-A, Mount Olive Location
Phone: (919) 658-7868 or (1800) 800-0854 ext. 1170