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Learning Commons

Welcome to the Learning Commons!

The staff of the Learning Commons are excited to have you join us at the University of Mount Olive! The Learning Commons developed as a part of the Title III Grant from the Department of Education to support the university’s mission to improve retention and graduation rates. We seek to provide a welcoming, open safe space for all students. Our goal is to ensure that you are successful in the classroom and graduate!

Our Mission:

The Learning Commons is a network of interrelated departments supporting overall student success by meeting their academic needs with the aim of increasing the University of Mount Olive’s overall retention and persistence to graduation.

Our Vision:

The Learning Commons desires to harness the inter-connectedness of the departments to increase UMO’s overall retention and graduation rates to prepare students for graduation, professional work life, and/or  graduate studies and better serve students. The Learning Commons will focus on departmental collaborations, commitment to student success, connecting practice to assessment, and incorporating scholarship in our practice to become a welcoming open space for all students.

Our goal is to help students discover, create, and share knowledge.