BS Art Education

The Bachelor of Science in Art Education prepares students for careers as art teachers in primary and secondary schools, museum education, and community education. This degree leads to licensure to teach art in North Carolina public schools.  Our students are prepared for their future careers as artist-teachers with a broad, general background in intermediate-level courses in studio art, art history, art education and professional education.

Key Program Features

Design fundamentals and elements of art, and how to apply them aesthetically

Drawing fundamentals regarding vocabulary & traditional media applied to the concepts of the elements of art

Painting fundamentals regarding vocabulary, types & styles of painting and color theory

Graphic Design fundamentals regarding typography and digital document design with images and type

Photography fundamentals relating to camera functions and operation

Understanding of color theory in the digital domain: additive & subtractive color, color modes and image resolution

Ceramics fundamentals with regard to basic clay manipulation and production of artistic and utilitarian objects

Printmaking styles & techniques and the tools of relief printmaking

Sculpture theory & techniques necessary for teaching others the basics of this art form

Art history relative to periods from Prehistoric to Modern & Postmodern Art as well as art from various cultures

The concept of art and its vocabulary regarding types, styles, and media, and the critical analysis of art

Portfolio development from organizing your work and creating a résumé & artist statement to your final digital portfolio

Program Details

UMO offers a modern curriculum that is fully aligned with the North Carolina Professional Educators Licensure requirements.

In this program, you will study fields of art studio, art history, personal artistic expression, and explore the role and function of art to general education and culture. The program is based on the initial level for teacher preparation in the areas of knowledge application and development, instructional process, context and foundations of education, learners and learning, interpersonal relationships.

The Bachelor of Science in Art Education degree program at UMO leads to initial teacher licensure. Teacher candidates are responsible for obtaining all necessary certifications required by the state in which they wish to teach.

All teacher candidates are required to complete a student teaching internship, under the supervision of a certified, experienced art teacher. In this experience, teacher-candidates will apply their content and pedagogical knowledge in the professional field.

More Information

Traditional Undergraduate Degree Sheets
  • K-12 Public School or Private School Teacher
  • Museum Educator
  • Art Therapist
  • Community Arts Council Director or Educator