Student-Athlete Screening and Monitoring

Upon return to UMO, all student-athletes will be educated on the department policies and protocols being implemented relative to COVID-19.  Student-athletes will also complete a COVID-19 questionnaire, which will cover their activities and locations prior to returning to UMO and possible exposure to COVID-19.

Regular health screenings will be conducted.  Under the guidance of the team physician and sports medicine staff, student-athletes will be regularly screened for COVID-19 symptoms.  This may include, but is not limited to, questionnaires and temperature checks.

Hygienic Environment

Enhanced cleaning will be done in locker rooms and practice and competition venues.  This will be carried out by those using the facilities, staff members, and housekeeping services.  Hand sanitizers, wipes, and antibacterial sprays will be utilized where necessary.

Capacities will be reduced In student-athlete support areas and locker rooms, including the weight room, athletic training room, and meeting rooms, and staggered schedules will be created in order to facilitate physical distancing.

Sport-specific strategies pertaining to equipment, practices, travel, competitions, and venues are being developed.

Fan Information

The capacity for spectators in each venue will be limited, based on North Carolina and local guidelines.  There may be varying percentages allowed among venues, based upon best practices.

All seating at contests will be continue to be general admission.  There will not be any fan seating allowed behind team benches or scorer’s tables.

Fans will be encouraged to wear masks and announcements will be made during contests about physical distancing policies.

UMO Athletics social media platforms and the website will continue to be utilized as primary sources of information for fans.

Visiting Teams

Visiting teams, including coaches and staff, will be required to complete screenings prior to participation in contests.

Game officials and staff will also be subject to screening.