BA Agribusiness

The Bachelor of Art degree in Agribusiness program, offered 100% online, prepares graduates with the knowledge, skills, and outlook necessary to be successful in a variety of management settings. Examples of these include farm input suppliers, commodity buyers and processors, food manufacturers and distributors, retailers; and farm-based crop, livestock, poultry, horticulture, forestry, and agritourism businesses, government, and non-profits.

The program is designed to allow students to develop management proficiencies through rigorous academic courses and research at a time and setting convenient to their schedule. The program emphasizes the biological, legal and regulatory, marketing and trade, and policy environments that are unique to agriculture, even to specific commodities such as dairy products.

Meeting the needs of agriculture from global to local, this program covers the art and science of management principles specific to agriculture and agribusiness. A degree from the University of Mount Olive will apply to any agricultural operation.

Key Program Features

Business plan creation in agribusiness and farm management

Development of marketing plans and marketing strategies

Diversity of agricultural enterprises including off-farm agribusinesses, and farming and other farm-based businsses including nursery, forestry, and agritourism activities

Financial analysis

Fundamentals of agricultural accounting and taxation

Unique characteristics of agricultural markets and finance, including institutions of the Farm Credit system

Legal and regulatory affairs in agriculture

Business organization structure, including agricultural cooperatives

Personal management and human resources

Applications of concepts in agricultural and natural resource economics

Forecasting techniques

Risk management using tools such as insurance, and futures and option contracts

Current concepts in rural development and agricultural entrepreneurship

Regulatory and economic environment of international trade in agricultural products and services

Professional, ethical, and legal standards applicable to agribusiness and farm managers

Regulatory and economic environment of international trade in agricultural products and services

Understanding of the impact of agricultural leadership and communication strategies

Program Details

  • Students benefit from small and engaging classes led by instructors with extensive professional experience in the field.
  • Students are educated in a diverse range of off-farm and on-farm management and production applications – including input sales, commodity trading, food distribution and retailing, government, nonprofits, livestock, agritourism, organics, agronomics, small and large farm operations, and value-added opportunities.
  • Program can be completed in 2 years for incoming students with an Associate degree.
  • Individuals with some experience or education in agribusiness, including off-farm agribusinesses, farm-based crop, livestock, poultry, horticulture, forestry, and agritourism businesses, who have earned an Associate’s degree from a regionally accredited institution and now seek a bachelor’s degree in agribusiness.
  • Individuals who have some experience or coursework in agribusiness including off-farm agribusinesses, farm-based crop, livestock, poultry, horticulture, forestry, and agritourism businesses and now seek the flexibility of an online bachelor’s degree program that provides greater work/life balance than a traditional program.
  • Interested individuals, including members and veterans of the US Armed Forces, with no agricultural experience that wish to transition to a career in farming or agribusiness. Faculty will engage with students to further enrich their understanding of the multi-faceted agricultural industry through research or internship opportunities.

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More Information

Major (45SH):

  • AGB 220 Ag Economics
  • AGB 310 Agribusiness Farm Management
  • AGB 315 Business Applications in Ag
  • AGB 325 Agriculture Law
  • AGB 370 Rural Development / Entrepreneurship
  • AGB 415 Agricultural Markets
  • AGB 420 Env & Nat Res Economics
  • AGB 425 Agricultural Policy
  • AGB 435 Agricultural Finance
  • AGB 445 Ethics & Decision Making
  • AGB 455 Advanced Agricultural Marketing
  • AGE 225 Trend & Issues
  • AGE 319 Ag Leadership in Rural Communities
  • AGL 220 Intro to Ag Communications
  • AGL 410 Organizational Dev & Leadership
  • Farm manager/owner
  • Agricultural input and service sales
  • Federal, state and local government agricultural services
  • Nonprofit sector in agriculture and food provision
  • Commodity trader
  • Agricultural lending and insurance
  • Agricultural manufacturing
  • Provision of legal and accounting services
  • Food and fiber transport, storage, wholesaling, and retailing
  • Commodity and trade associations, including lobbying
  • Religious and faith-based settings