BA English with Technical and Professional Communication Certificate

The Bachelor of Arts in English degree, delivered 100% online for working adults, includes special attention paid to preparation in Technical and Professional Communication skills. The degree focuses on developing the soft skills that employers desire.  In a recent Burning Glass report, writing ranked third amongst the most sought after “soft skills,” yet 80% of employers express frustration at finding new employees who possess these assets. Our program develops critical thinking, writing, and reading skills; instills in students a deeper understanding of both one’s own and others’ cultures and histories; and fosters deeper cultural, professional, aesthetic and technological literacies. We prepare students to work both independently as well as in teams, develop students’ project management skills, and offer internship opportunities. Our English program seeks to educate our students from the liberal arts perspective, teaching our students to think critically and to develop the skills necessary to meet workforce demand.

Key Program Features

Develop written communication skills, including proficiency in Standard Written English using multiple conventions and audience-awareness

Demonstrate critical thinking skills, including synthesis of multiple texts and points of view

Apply research skills to locate diverse types of reliable sources

Analyze texts taking into account background information, purpose, authorship, time period and relevant historical context

Program Details

  • The program is offered fully online.
  • A large elective pool allows students to pursue additional skills in business, sales, and project management.
  • Educational experiences are designed to develop critical thinking skills and teamwork through coursework and internship opportunities.
  • Students are able to transfer up to 94sh from other institutions.
  • Critical thinking
  • Project management
  • Cultural literacy
  • Advanced knowledge of writing for diverse audiences
  • Research skills (original research, primary sources, and secondary sources utilizing a variety of archives)
  • Business and technical communication skills
  • Writing skills that bring together varied approaches and techniques
  • Advanced knowledge of literature

The Technical and Professional Communication certificate is embedded in this degree program.

If a student enters UMO in his or her first year of study, the Sophia Potts Scholarship/Award is available in the amount of $1000 to the winner of a writing contest.

More Information

  • ENG 250 Business Communication
  • ENG 241 Public Speaking
  • ENG 255 Creative Writing and Literary Forms
  • ENG 310 Advanced Composition
  • ENG 312 Technical Writing in Print and Media
  • ENG 223 Perspectives in British Literature
  • ENG 233 Perspectives in American Literature
  • ENG 352 Creative Research and Products
  • ENG 330 American Literary Beginnings
  • ENG 425 Literature and the Environment
  • ENG 440 Transnational Literature
  • ENG 321 The Architecture of Language
  • ENG 342 British Enlightenment and Romantic Literature
  • ENG 341 Special Topics in Native American OR North Carolina Writers
  • ENG 490 Senior Capstone Project


  • Teaching and Education
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Business Operations
  • Media and Communications
  • Legal Support
  • Social Services
  • Human Services
  • Manufacturing