BA Photography

The Bachelor of Arts in Photography degree is designed for the student interested in working in the field of photography or entering a graduate program in photography. Students majoring in Photography will take fundamental courses in design, drawing, painting, photography and art history.

Students seeking a Bachelor of Arts degree in Photography further develop their skills with a camera and editing software as they develop their personal aesthetics. The technical skills and aesthetic development are enhanced in the upper level photography courses where students learn studio techniques as well as location photography. Development of these skills can provide a good foundation to becoming a professional photographer.

Key Program Features

Develop skills in photography including camera usage, software editing, and aesthetics

Students will think creatively

A portfolio will be created throughout the course of study showcasing various projects and art forms

Program Details

The department provides educational opportunities that allow students to not only create technical proficiency and gain conceptual understanding, but also to recognize each individual students’ unique talents and how they can be enhanced.

Internships are available for interested students.

Art scholarships are available, ranging from $500-1500, based on portfolio review.

  • Art
  • Graphic Design
  • Photography

More Information

Core (24SH):

  • Art 115 Design Fundamentals
  • Art 121 Drawing Fundamentals
  • Art 122 Painting Fundamentals
  • Art 132 Graphic Design Fundamentals
  • Art 142 Photography Fundamentals
  • Art 252 Art History Survey
  • Art 312 Portfolio Development
  • Art 412 Senior Portfolio

Photography Concentration (27SH):

  • ART 235 Digital Applications
  • ART 241 Advanced Photographic Concepts
  • ART 254 History of Photography
  • ART 335 Digital Composition
  • ART 345 Photographic Aesthetics & Techniques
  • ART 432 Web Design for Photographers
  • ART 441 Studio Techniques
  • ART 442 Advanced Studio Techniques
  • ART 443 Photography Portfolio

ART Electives (choose 12 from a selected group of courses)

  • Advertising and Commercial Photography
  • Architecture Photography
  • Wildlife Photography
  • Museum Archival Photography
  • Fashion Photography
  • Photojournalism
  • Portrait Photography
  • Sports Photography
  • Wedding Photography
  • Public Relations Photography
  • Medical Photography
  • Food Photography
  • Marine Photography
  • Military Photography

Student Gallery

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