BS Animal Science

The Bachelor of Science in Animal Science provides students with the knowledge and skills needed for careers and graduate programs in production animal agriculture. The Animal Science program offers students multiple opportunities to engage in of hands-on learning.  Students are involved in a number of major projects including: poultry production and related research projects; artificial insemination schools for both small ruminants and cattle; and forage and grazing production and research. Students will visit a variety of local livestock, poultry and equine facilities as well as handle the animals at the UMO Student Farm. Animal Science labs are limited to 15 students per section to allow for a high level of student participation.

Key Program Features

Participation in leadership development opportunities through animal science and livestock competitions and conferences at the local, state, regional, and national levels

Industry recognized certifications to build on classroom and applied learning to prepare students for careers

Applied learning opportunities at the Kornegay Student Farm with poultry and livestock as well as visits to local farms to prepare students to research and communicate with others about agricultural issues

Program Details

UMO students have participated in summer internships with swine and poultry integrators such as Smithfield Foods, Prestage Farms, Goldsboro Milling, Sanderson Farms and Butterball. Other internships have been completed with the NCDA Research Stations, NC Cooperative Extension, and family dairy and beef cattle farms.

Before students graduate, they will have the opportunity to become certified in Pork Quality Assurance, Transport Quality Assurance, Beef Quality Assurance, Livestock and Poultry Pests, Operator in Charge Type A, and FAMACHA.

More Information

Agriculture Core (28SH):

  • AGB 310 Agribusiness Farm Management
  • AGE/BIO 116 Intro to Animal Science
  • AGE/BIO 116L Intro to Animal Science Lab|
  • AGE 150 Wood/Metal Working|
  • AGE 211 Crop Science & Lab
  • AGE 215 Field Experiences in Agriculture
  • AGE 240 Horticultural Methods
  • AGE 240L Horticultural Methods Lab
  • AGE 360 Soil Science & Lab
  • AGE 381 Special Topics in Agriculture
  • AGB 310 Farm Business Management

Major (40SH)

  • BIO 121 Principles of Biology II
  • BIO 12 Principles of Biology II/Lab
  • AGE 270 Animal Nutrition & Lab
  • AGE 275 Animal Breeding and Genetics
  • AGE 316 Animal Production and Management & Lab
  • AGE 319 Agricultural Leadership in Rural Communities
  • AGE 350 Forage and Weed Management & Lab
  • AGE 370 Anatomy & Phys. of Domestic Animals & Lab
  • AGE 470 Reproductive Phys. of Animals and AG & Lab
  • AGE 475 Animal Diseases
  • AGE 421 Integrated Pest Management & Lab
  • AGE 425 Internship in Agriculture
  • Farm and Ranch Managers
  • Feedlot Operators
  • Animal Nutritionists
  • Animal Feed Sales
  • Animal Health Product Sales
  • Animal Health Diagnostic Laboratory Technicians
  • Animal Research Technician
  • Food and Animal Inspectors with State and Federal Agencies
  • Animal Breeding/Reproductive Technician
  • Livestock Extension Agents