Bachelor of Science in Communication Science Disorders (Speech Language Pathology)

The Bachelor of Science in Communication Science Disorders* (Speech Language Pathology), delivered 100% online, prepares students with the knowledge, skills, and necessary requirements for continuation into a Master’s of Speech Language Pathology program.  This program is perfect for the transfer student who has completed a Speech Language Pathology Assistant (SLPA) program, and up to 64 hours of credit can transfer.  Additionally, students seeking Speech Language Pathology Assistant certification may complete this through coursework at UMO.

Our Bachelor of Science in Communication Science Disorders program prepares students to work with a diverse population in speech, audiology, and language.  Working with Speech Language Pathologists who teach in the program, the student will gain valuable academic and hands-on knowledge to prepare for work in clinical settings.

UMO also offers a daytime seated program in Communication Science Disorders.

Key Program Features

Understand normal anatomy and the processes of speech, language, and hearing

Understand the diversity of populations including physical, mental, social, and cultural within speech, language, and hearing

Gain knowledge of communication disorders and appropriate instrumentation in speech, language, and hearing

Gain clinical experience in a variety of settings including schools, private practice, hospital, and skilled nursing

Learn professional, ethical, and legal standards of practice

Program Details

Students in the program will receive mentorship, training, and guidance from active practitioners who work in a variety of clinical settings within the program.  Further, opportunities for clinical observation and experiences are provided throughout the program, providing an opportunity for hands-on learning. 

More Information

The major contains 39 semester credit hours in the major.  These courses are designed specifically to meet the student learning outcomes and prepare a student for graduate level work in Speech Language Pathology.  Should a student be interested in pursuing Speech Language Pathology Assistant Certification for North Carolina, the student would need to complete an additional 15 hours to be eligible for the certification.  Overall, this degree is a 126 hour degree.

CSD 200 Introduction to Communication Science

CSD 210 Phonetics

CSD 220 Anatomy and Physiology of Speech/Hearing Mech.

CSD 230 Speech and Language Development

CSD 300 Speech Science

CSD 320 Developmental and Acquired Speech Disorders

CSD 330 Developmental and Acquired Language Disorders

CSD 340 Neurology of Speech, Language and Hearing

CSD 350 Audiology

CSD 360 Aural Rehabilitation

CSD 370 Multicultural Considerations in Communication Disorders

CSD 420 Clinical Process of Communication Disorders

CSD 400 Code of Ethics/Scope of Practice SLPA

CSD 390 Augmentative Communication/Assistive Technology

CSD 490 Administrative Procedures and Management for SLPA

CSD 495 SLPA Clinical Practicum (Hospital)

CSD 496 SLPA Clinical Practicum (Schools)

CSD 497 SLPA Clinical Practicum (Private Practice)

CSD 498 SLPA Clinical Practicum (Skilled Nursing Facility)

  • Private Practice
  • Hospitals
  • Mental Health Centers
  • Nursing Homes / Assisted Living
  • Outpatient Treatment Centers
  • Public and Private Schools and Universities
  • Social Services
  • Legal and Correctional Systems
  • Government
  • Military
  • Veterans Administration
  • Religions and Faith-based Settings