BS Criminal Justice and Criminology

The Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice and Criminology prepares students to better understand the criminal justice system as well as why people deviate from the law.   The program seeks to provide a wide-ranging foundation of knowledge pertaining to social justice, policy, crime, criminal behaviors, and the administration of criminal justice agencies.

Key Program Features

Analyze the systems of criminal justice

Learn the theories and operational components that drive organizations in society

Understand theories in the justice system

Program Details

Students may petition to receive Experiential Learning Credit (ELC) in their first semester for the knowledge, training, and skills they previously learned outside of the traditional academic setting.

More Information

Legal (6SH):

  • CJC Criminal Law and Societal Control
  • CJC 380 Criminal Procedure and Individual Rights

System (Select 9SH):

  • CJC 310 Juvenile Justice Systems and Processes
  • CJC 320 Law Enforcement Systems and Processes
  • CJC 330 Court Systems and Processes
  • CJC 340 Correctional Systems and Processes
  • CJC 350 Criminal Justice Administration

Theory (Select 9SH):

  • CJC/SOC 335 Victimology and Advocacy
  • CJC/SOC 421 Theoretical Perspectives in Social Science
  • CJC/SOC 430 Criminology Theory
  • SOC 345 Sociology of Deviance

Application (6SH):

  • CJC/SOC 355 Drugs, Crime and Society
  • CJC/SOC 365 Terrorism and Homeland Security

Methods (6SH):

  • CJC/SOC 401 Research Methods for Social Sciences
  • CJC/SOC 405 Data Analysis for Social Science Research

Capstone (3SH):

  • CJC 496 Senior Research Project
  • Careers in local, state, and federal sectors from juvenile advocacy to the FBI
  • Police Officer
  • FBI Special Agent
  • Private Investigator
  • Victim-Witness Advocate