BS Leadership

The Bachelor of Science in Leadership program prepares students with the skills they need to effectively lead and motivate people within all levels of an organization. The program is perfect for people who want to upgrade not only their technical skills, but also their “soft skills” such as critical thinking, problem-solving, collaborating, and motivating employees. The core courses will be led by instructors with professional career experience, offering valuable industry insights that will prepare students with effective critical and creative thinking, strategic and tactical decision making, and global awareness.

Key Program Features

Use learned theories and apply them to effectively lead and motivate people

Learn to effectively manage people

Apply critical thinking, problem-solving, collaboration, and motivational skills

Program Details

The Leadership major gives the traditional student, the opportunity to develop the theoretical understanding and the practical skills to lead others in an organizational setting.  As a leadership minor, it can complement their major in becoming a driving force in that area of expertise.


More Information

  • ENG 241 Public Speaking
  • PHI 210 Critical Thinking
  • SOC 220 Social Stratification
  • REL 240 Survey of World Religions OR REL/HIS 355 History of World Religions
  • PSY 250 Social Psychology
  • SOC 370 Social Psychology in Sociological Context
  • SOC 421 Theoretical Perspectives
  • MG 316 Organizational Behavior
  • LDR 300 Leadership
  • LDR 340 Case Studies in Leadership
  • LDR 360 Leadership Through Innovation
  • LDR 400 Effective Conflict Resolution
  • LDR 440 Leading Change
  • LDR 460 Creating Effective Teamwork
  • LDR 490 Leadership Capstone

The Leadership degree majors prepare students for leadership positions in areas such as education, entertainment, government, religious organizations, retail businesses, healthcare, business, sports, politics, and nonprofits.