BS Leisure Service Management

The Leisure Service Management emphasis area prepares students for careers in recreation programming, event planning, and administration in public parks and recreation departments, nonprofit agencies, the tourism industry, faith-based organizations, campus recreation, or the armed forces. The degree attracts students who are creative planners, highly energetic individuals with a passion for providing high-quality, safe, and fulfilling leisure activities for all.

Key Program Features

Understand the professional responsibilities necessary to have a positive impact on individuals, communities, the environment, and the economy

Develop sound management practices rooted in improving the quality of life while being a steward of natural, human, and financial resources

Practice leadership skills through an understanding of constituents, marketing, and legal issues

Program Details

UMO offers a hands-on active curriculum that brings knowledge of the textbook into action. It is appreciated by the visual learner. Students learn what it takes to offer high-quality recreation programs and facilities. Two unique hands-on courses are required: field training in the second year and the internship the semester prior to graduation.

Leisure Service managers are responsible for indoor and outdoor recreation facilities, including parks, trails, playgrounds, athletic complexes, gymnasiums, and aquatic facilities. In addition, managers oversee staffing, budgeting, marketing, and programming for the leisure needs of their constituents. Knowledge of risk management, operations, fundraising, and maintenance is necessary and intrinsic to the degree program.

UMO Recreation and Leisure studies students have the possibility to earn two separate scholarships during their tenure with the university. The RLS department recognizes annually The Most Outstanding Senior and The Most Promising Underclassman. These students are awarded a $500 scholarship to be used towards tuition expenses. Opportunities also exist for students to obtain scholarships and recognition through the state and national recreational therapy professional associations.

More Information

Foundation Course (3SH)

  • PED 141 Introduction to Exercise Science

Core (19SH)

  • RLS 201 Intro to Research & Writing in RLS
  • RLS 230, 231, 232 Field Training
  • RLS 310 History & Philosophy of Rec/Leisure
  • RLS 320 Program Planning & Leadership
  • RLS 400 Research Methods OR
  • CJC/SOC 401 Research Methods for Social Science
  • RLS 420 Management of Recreation & Leisure
  • RLS 430 Senior Seminar

Emphasis (30SH)

  • RLS 171 Sport Management
  • RLS 200 Foundations of Recreational Therapy
  • RLS 210 Outdoor Recreation Resource Management
  • RLS 301 Facility Operations and Maintenance
  • RLS 330 Developing Facilities
  • RLS 410 Entrepreneurship
  • RLS 499 Internship

Core Electives (15SH) – Select from the following:

Understanding Constituents

  • RLS 305 RTP Populations and Services
  • PED 310 Sports Psychology/Sociology of Sport
  • HLH 312 Health Psychology
  • SOC 345 Sociology of Deviance
  • PSY 250 Social Psychology


  • RLS 251 Leadership Communications in Sport & Recreation
  • EDU 255 Creative Activities
  • LDR 300 Leadership
  • LDR 340 Case Studies in Leadership


  • RLS 360 Recreation/Sports Marketing & Promotion
  • RLS 370 Sport Communication
  • MKT 351 Fundamentals of Marketing
  • MKT 353 Marketing Communications


  • RLS 415 Legal Liability
  • CJC 370 Criminal Law & Social Control
  • HLH 265 Health Safety & Nutrition for Children
  • HRM 322 Human Capital Management

RLS 499 Internship

  • Park and Recreation Director, Assistant Director
  • Parks Ranger, Superintendent or Supervisor
  • Recreation Superintendent, Supervisor or Leader
  • Wedding Planner
  • Social Director
  • Private Club Manager, Golf Pro, Tennis Pro
  • Meeting, Convention or Event Planner
  • Community Center Director
  • Athletic Superintendent, Supervisor or Director
  • Special Events Supervisor
  • Senior Center Supervisor
  • Aquatics Superintendent
  • Parks Maintenance Supervisor, Manager or Foreman
  • Pool Manager
  • Residential Camp Director
  • Nonprofit Manager or Facility Director