BS Mathematics

The University of Mount Olive offers the Bachelor of Science in Mathematics. Mathematics is an exciting, varied, and always evolving area. Courses cover both theoretical and applied mathematics giving you practical skills to pursue further education or begin your career.

Key Program Features

Develop a foundation in theoretical mathematics

Write and critically read mathematical proofs

Use the basic tools by which to transfer the theory to application

Program Details

At UMO, students have the opportunity to take courses on many cutting-edge topics. In mathematics, our MAT 450 course (Topics in Applied Mathematics) teaches the algebra and matrix theory behind how internet search engines (such as Google) arrange their websites in their search results. Students in the course learn how to take hypothetical small-scale models of the internet and apply the mathematical techniques to create their own search rankings and results.

Students interested in Mathematics Education have the opportunity to take MAT 315 (Topics & Technology in High School Mathematics), which covers the current issues and trends in the education field, as well as giving the student first-hand opportunities to practice the art of teaching.

Recently, the department has added the new course MAT 452 (Topics in Computational Science), which focuses on learning the Python programming language, and how to apply the acquired programming skills to solve problems in math and science. With more and more businesses and research institutions using Python in their work, UMO is preparing students for both present and future skills needed.

The minor in Mathematics offers a student the flexibility to tailor their studies to courses that meet their interests and best supplement their primary field of study. The Pre-Engineering track is designed to prepare the student with the fundamentals required by Engineering schools, and may be completed in two semesters (depending on student placement).

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