BS Religion

The Bachelor of Science in Religion prepares students to pursue their calling into the ministry as they study biblical, theological, and faith-related topics. We believe that faith transforms lives, and therefore we desire to help our students intentionally engage in the process of spiritual formation. Our program is founded on the truth that spiritual formation helps us begin to realize that who we are is as important as what we do.

Key Program Features

Learn to discover who you are in Christ and discern and prepare for God’s call towards your vocation

Study biblical, historical, theological, and applied disciplines in a classical Christian theological program

Prepare for academic and vocational excellence

Engage in the process of spiritual formation

Program Details

  • We are intentional about discipleship, combining engaging study with hands-on ministry.
  • Spiritual formation is the foundation of our program.

Graduates are equipped to think creatively and to use critical thinking skills. They are also prepared to speak publically, assist in conflict resolution, lead, network, and develop a prophetic imagination. The Religion program boasts a 100% job placement rate.


More Information

  • REL 220 Intro to Study of Religion
  • REL 221 Issues in Dying and Death
  • REL 230 Intro to Biblical Interpretation
  • REL 240 Survey of World Religions
  • REL 301 Intro to Christian Education
  • REL 302 Intro to Christian Worship
  • REL 312 Intentional Listening for Transformative Leadership
  • REL 322 Exploring Christian Thought
  • REL 340 Sermon Preparation and Delivery
  • REL 342 Church Leadership
  • REL 350 Spiritual Formation
  • REL 410 The Life & Teachings of Jesus OR
  • REL 301 Hebrew Prophets
  • REL 412 Christian Koinonia: The Living Witness of the Church
  • REL 421 History of Christianity
  • REL 450 Congregational Ministries

Senior Project (6SH)

  • REL 493 Internship in Ministry I
  • REL 494 Internship in Ministry II
  • Pastoral Ministry
  • Pastoral Care
  • Nonprofits
  • Para-Church Ministry
  • Youth Ministry
  • Mission Work
  • Education
  • Spiritual Direction