BS Social Studies Education

The Bachelor of Science in Social Studies Education (9-12) recognizes that high school social studies teachers do more than teach facts, events and dates—they impart ethical standards and wisdom developed over centuries of human history. Aspiring social studies teachers will explore coursework that ranges from history, economics, world cultures, and geography to teaching methods.

Key Program Features

Explore coursework that ranges from history, economics, world cultures, and geography, to teaching methods

Engage with foundational and application-based learning materials

Participate in field experiences under the supervision of an appropriately credentialed experienced teacher

Program Details

The Teacher Education program is based on the North Carolina Professional Teaching Standards and the 21st century knowledge, skills, and dispositions embedded therein. The Teacher Education Program provides an integrated academic experience of quality educational programs, a supportive learning environment, and individual growth opportunities that promote the total development of the teacher education candidates.

Graduates gain content-area knowledge and pedagogical knowledge, including the principles of curriculum, instruction, and assessments.

All teacher candidates are required to complete a student teaching internship under the supervision of a certified, experienced teacher. In this experience, teacher-candidates will apply their content and pedagogical knowledge in the professional field.

Upon graduation, students may be qualified for a teaching certificate. Specific assessments may be required to attain teaching licensure.

The Braswell Teaching Scholarship, funded by the Jessie Dail and Walter Vernon Braswell Scholarship Endowment, provides a scholarship renewable annually up to three years. Scholarship amounts vary.

More Information

Professional Studies (31SH)

  • EDU 101, 102, 201, 202 Professional Study for Teacher Ed.
  • EDU 303, 304 Junior Practicum
  • EDU 480 Classroom Management & Organization
  • EDU 485 Facilitation of Learning
  • EDU 486 Leadership Development
  • EDU 487 Societal Context of Schooling
  • EDU 493 Senior Practicum
  • EDU 499 Seminar/Internship

Social Studies Cognates (51SH)

  • HIS 221 American History I
  • HIS 222 American History II
  • HIS 240 African American History
  • HIS 300 History: Its Nature and Methods
  • HIS 310 North Carolina History
  • HIS 320 Constitution of the US
  • HIS 480 History Research Seminar
  • HIS 300-400 Level (choose any 300-400 History course)
  • HIS 300-400 Level (choose any 300-400 History course)
  • HIS 300-400 Level (choose any 300-400 History course)
  • HIS 300-400 Level (choose any 300-400 History course)
  • PLS 110 American Government
  • SOC 210 Introduction to Sociology
  • ECO 201 Principles of Microeconomics
  • ECO 202 Principles of Macroeconomics
  • HIS 302 Environmental History of North Carolina
  • PSY/SOC 300-400 Level (choose any 300-400 course)

Related Studies (6SH)

  • EDU 100 Orientation to American Education
  • EDU 105 Cross-cultural Communication
  • EDU 250 Educational Technology
  • History Teacher, 9-12
  • Adult Education Teacher
  • Bibliographer*
  • Biographer*
  • Book Reviewer*
  • Curriculum Specialist*
  • Demographer*
  • Editor*
  • Editorial Writer
  • Grant Writer*
  • Historic Preservation Specialist
  • Historic Site Educator

*additional experience or advanced degree may be required

High school social studies teachers are well-positioned to guide the development of young minds as they strive for personal growth. Graduates who hold a social studies education degree and have obtained the necessary certifications may choose to pursue a career in public or private education. One of the biggest misconceptions is that a degree in our program leads only to a career in 9-12 social studies classrooms. In fact, the list of potential careers is long, and our degree aligns with the attractiveness of any history major to employers in multiple job sectors.