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Agricultural Production Systems

The Agricultural Production Systems Bachelor of Science Degree is a comprehensive curriculum that prepares graduates for multiple career pathways in agriculture. This degree is beneficial for transfer students having taken courses at 2 year institutions or having completed an Associates of Applied Sciences (AAS) in agriculture related areas of study. This degree will also appeal to incoming freshmen desiring to tailor an agricultural degree program concentration.

For transfer students having completed an Associates in Applied Science, 64 hours of the two year degree will transfer into this degree program allowing the incoming student to enter at the junior level with anticipated graduation in two years assuming successful University fo Mount Olive course completion.

While this degree is attractive to transfer students, this degree is also an option for incoming freshmen desiring to tailor, with specialized faculty advisement, a concentration focused degree program. Students will be provided advisement to ensure that a concentration is designed that will provide a strong foundation for a student’s desired career pathway.

This degree ensures that students possess the necessary liberal arts knowledge and skills as well as a working knowledge of agricultural production systems to ensure they are adequately prepared for careers in the agricultural industry.