UMO Flight School

The University of Mount Olive introduces the first North Carolina-based private university flight school. The sky’s the limit! Flight training is conducted in-house by UMO’s flight instructors using university aircraft at the Mount Olive Municipal Airport. Students in the flight program can concentrate on three areas:

Pilot’s License

This 40 hour pilot’s license program allows pilots to travel almost anywhere in the world. They can take friends on a weekend trip or simply sight-see from above.

Instrument Rating

With an additional 40 hours of flying time and certification, a student can achieve the instrument rating. This instrument rating allows pilots to fly in instrument meteorological conditions, such as clouds and high altitudes.

Commercial License

A total of 250 hours of flying time is required for the commercial license, including commercial maneuvers. This license allows pilots to be paid for their time.

Once a student achieves commercial rating, he or she can work towards becoming a Certified Flight Instructor (CFI-CFII).

Take flight today with the University of Mount Olive!

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