International Cost and Financial Aid

International students wishing to study at the University of Mount Olive will be awarded the $5000 International Student Scholarship and will be eligible for athletic scholarships should they qualify. Special talent scholarships in music and art may also be available, as well as other departmental scholarships depending on anticipated major.

NOTE: International students are not eligible to be considered for any federal or state financial aid programs.

*Students are responsible for paying their first semester balance in full before receiving their I-20. Click here for the total cost of attending the University of Mount Olive as an international student without any scholarships or grants.

Changes can be requested after the first academic year at the University of Mount Olive.

$5000 International Student Scholarship

  • International students will receive a $5000 International Student Scholarship.
  • International students receiving the $5000 International Student Scholarship are not eligible for any other academic scholarships or grants provided by University of Mount Olive per academic year.
  • Students who have a US-converted GPA of 2.5 are automatically considered for this scholarship.

*Cost of attendance at University of Mount Olive slightly increases every year.

Please contact theOffice of Admissions at for any questions regarding these two financial aid packages.

Alternative Ways to Pay for College as an International Student at the University of Mount Olive

If you are considering financial aid options for your studies in the United States, you may consider an alternative loan through a variety of lenders. Lenders offering loans to international students require that the student have a cosigner who is a citizen or permanent resident of the United States. Please contact the Office of Financial Aid at for information on lenders that offer loan options for international students.