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Campus Ministry

The goal of Campus Ministry at the University of Mount Olive and the Chaplain, Carla Williamson, is to minister to the whole person. We make every effort to affirm each student and their faith but we also make every effort to help the student grow spiritually. Spiritual growth comes through participating in the many events offered on campus, art galleries, concerts, lectures, worship services, Bible studies, and prayer groups.

Worship services are held every Wednesday during the academic year at 11:00 a.m. in Rodgers Chapel located at the center of campus.  Worship services at the University of Mount Olive are different every week with various speakers, special music groups, and visiting artists. Voices of Praise is the official chapel choir and the 17 members group practices on Monday afternoon at 3:30. Voices of Praise go on retreats and travel to different churches to sing and worship.

There are small group Bible studies offered on campus at various times with some student led and faculty/staff led. Campus Ministry holds monthly prayer vigils on campus to address the prayer needs of our world. Another campus ministry group, Just Because is a large group of students who attend ball games, lectures, concerts, and also offers random acts of kindness to the student body during the academic year. Student members of Just Because offer acts of kindness and attend events just because they care about their fellow students.

Campus ministry has a theme for each academic year. This theme helps us to focus on specific needs in our lives and the world. For the year 2015-2016 the theme is “Do Something,” stop talking about your faith and put your faith into action!

The Campus Ministry Office, located in the Student Affairs Office, provides students with pastoral counseling services for personal, academic, and religious concerns. When there is a sickness or death in a student’s family, the Chaplain should be notified. Contact the Chaplain at cwilliamson@UMO.edu, or (919) 658-7749.