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One of the easiest ways to support the University of Mount Olive is through the Annual Fund. When you contribute to the Annual Fund, you are not only paying for the bricks and mortar; you are truly investing in the lives of hundreds of students. Your gift supports educational facilities, attracts experienced and respected faculty, increases academic and athletic programming, and provides necessary scholarship assistance to deserving students.



Alumni, friends, corporations and foundations take note when our faculty and staff — those who know the institution best — endorse and support its operations with their own hard-earned money. We hold an annual fundraising effort to achieve 100% support and participation from our faculty and staff. University faculty and staff can make their gift by payroll deduction, check or credit card.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why invest in students through annual giving?

Gifts made to the University of Mount Olive make an immediate and profound difference in students’ lives today. The University depends on generous private support to supplement state funding and ensure that current students have the resources they need to thrive at school and achieve their education.

Can I choose where my money goes?

Yes, you can decide what area of the University your gift supports. Whether there is a special project on campus you wish to contribute to or an athletic program you want to support, you can decide what area of the University of Mount Olive means the most to you.

Does the size of my gift matter?

Every gift matters, regardless of size. Every gift is an investment in the education of students. Small gifts combine to make a large impact in the lives of the University of Mount Olive students.

Does my participation matter?

Many organizations that rank U.S. colleges and universities factor in alumni participation as one of many indicators of the quality of a university. The same is true when foundations and corporations determine whether the University of Mount Olive is a good investment.

What is a matching gift program?

Thousands of companies sponsor matching gift programs and will match charitable contributions made by their employees. You or your spouse may work for a company that will match your gift. Check with your employer to see if your gift to the University of Mount Olive could be matched or even tripled! They can provide you with the gift matching form to get the process started.

Is my gift tax deductible?

Yes, the University of Mount Olive is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, and all gifts are tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law.

How do I make my gift?

There are several ways to give your support to the University of Mount Olive. A gift of cash is the easiest gift to make — it provides the maximum deduction for donors while delivering immediate benefits to the University. Gifts can also be made to the University of Mount Olive by:

  • Giving online
  • Mailing a check or money order to University of Mount Olive, Gift Records, 634 Henderson Street, Mt. Olive, NC 28365
  • Calling Gift Records at (919) 658-7823 and making a gift by phone
  • Payroll deduction (for University of Mount Olive faculty and staff only)

For more information, check out the “Ways to Give” section of our website.