TAP Information Sessions with Dr. Paul – Get Answers about Scholarships at UMO

I hold an open conference call/Zoom session for anyone interested in the TAP Scholarship on Tuesdays at noon, 3 PM, and 7 PM. You can join by calling or clicking in. Many organizations are already Trojan Alliance Partners to get the scholarship for any UMO degree program—online or on campus. You can even find out how your organization, company, municipality, or employer can become a Trojan Alliance Partner.

  • The conference call, using phones and Zoom simultaneously, is for all questions. Callers can drop-in for a few questions or whatever length of time they want—when they want.
  • Each session will go for an hour and a half. These virtual sessions are available by phone, smart phone, or computer so anyone can join with questions.
  • I invite you to an info session call via phone or Zoom to learn about the TAP tuition scholarship and UMO.  Register at the link below.

TAP Scholarship Information Sessions

Register here to attend an upcoming Zoom session to learn more about the TAP Scholarship and academic program opportunities.

For more information, please contact Dr. Paul Rutter, Executive Director of Strategic Partnerships.
Email: prutter@umo.edu
Office at UMO: (919) 299-4818
Mobile: (814) 574-7352