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Technical and Professional Communication


Want to expand your resume and increase your marketability?  The certificate in Technical and Professional Communication will give you hands-on learning with real-world examples that you can apply towards any career!  In today’s global economy, communication skills are crucial.  Whether in print, electronic media, or spoken, every professional must be able to communicate with others on various levels.  This certificate will help develop those skills for success within the office – and across the world.

The following four courses are required to earn a certificate in Technical and Professional Communication:

  • ENG 241 (3 s.h.):  Public Speaking
  • ENG 250 (3 s.h.):  Business Communication
  • ENG 310 (3 s.h.):  Advanced Composition
  • ENG 312 (3 s.h.):  Technical Writing

This program is a perfect addition to any major.  If any of the above courses are part of the major course requirements, they can also count towards the Technical and Professional Communication Certificate.