School of Agriculture and Biological Sciences

The School of Agriculture and Biological Sciences prepares students for careers in agriculture and life sciences that can improve lives and the communities they serve. The interconnectivity of the programs allows greater flexibility and diversity of degree offerings for students at the undergraduate level. Curricula are designed to provide students with theoretical principles reinforced by experiential learning opportunities and applied research to inspire and accomplish a greater understanding and development of intellect across disciplines. The School of Agriculture and Biological Sciences is committed to:

Preparation of graduates for chosen career pathways.

  • Industry standard certifications are a component of the learning environment. Curricula provide students the opportunity to earn certifications that are recognized by industry experts and employers as an achievement of industry proficiency.
  • Faculty align students with career pathway internships, providing insight into potential employers and professions.

Enhanced educational opportunities.

  • Unique practical skills and knowledge developed at the Kornegay Student Farm. A premier opportunity for students to engage in research and advance applied knowledge.
  • Cultivate agricultural and scientific skills and methods to support a desire for knowledge and the ability to problem solve and advance critical thinking skills.

Student Evolution – Leadership and Service

  • Providing students the opportunity for leadership and service through involvement in collegiate clubs. Faculty advised clubs include the UMO Collegiate FFA, Collegiate Young Farmers and Ranchers, UMO Animal Science Club, Trojan Wildlife Society, and the Henderson Science Club.
  • Student clubs focus on altruistic and philanthropic giving while enhancing the spiritual experience of giving for club members.

The School of Agriculture and Biological Sciences is committed to student growth, academic development, knowledge acquisition and application, scholastic achievement, and community engagement and service. Through the School of Agriculture and Biological Sciences, we offer impactful learning through multiple and diverse learning opportunities to prepare our students to be leaders and servants within the greater community, state, and beyond.

Degree Programs