Employers and graduate schools place a high value on the experience an internship can provide.  The Tillman School of Business degree programs allow for internship completion by all majors and require an internship for students in the Healthcare Management and Human Resources programs.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Where do Tillman School of Business students complete internships?

We have students at sites like Duke Medical Center, UNC Hospitals, Wayne UNC Medical Center, Vidant Health, Mount Olive Family Practice and many other locations.

If I’m not from the area, is it permissible to complete an internship in another region or state, perhaps even my hometown?

We are concerned about the quality of your internship and encourage you to use connections to identify the best experience possible. We will happily consider your proposals.

So who identifies internship sites?

It is the student responsibility to identify internship sites but we can certainly give some suggestions.

What else is the student responsible for?

The student is responsible for purchasing liability insurance, which is available at a nominal fee.  Some agencies will also require background checks, vaccinations, and other screenings.  Many will require valid CPR certification.  It is the responsibility of the students to meet agency requirement but we caution you that this can take some time.  Failure to complete any required tasks may delay or even cancel your internship.

Who supervises my internship?

You will have a faculty supervisor to help you complete learning goals and outcomes for your experience.  This will help ensure you expand competencies and develop skills.  An on-site supervisor with experience in your field of study makes sure you have assigned tasks that help you meet those goals.

Will I be interviewed before getting my internship?

Think of your internship as you would a part-time job.  It’s likely you’ll be interviewed by someone from the prospective site.  Questions they might ask include:  How has your academic course work prepared you for an internship? In what ways do you see this internship helping you meet your career goals? What have been your most outstanding accomplishments in college? What do you bring to this internship that is unique? What are your strengths/weaknesses? 

What should I ask?

You should come up with questions pertaining to the experience. Some examples are: Could you describe your office arrangement and how the intern interacts with the team? What are some examples of projects that interns have done with your organization? Can you describe the training for an intern in this position? How will this internship be supervised?

Do you have any advice for being successful in my internship?

Yes. Know the expectations of your internship. This is still a class. If there are assignments and deadlines, adhere to those. Remain focused on your internship as a learning experience.

Be gracious, engaging and interested in what each teammate does and how it fits into the overall scheme. Interns who jump in to assist are appreciated!

Soak up all the knowledge you can. Dress professionally and seek a mentor. Learn new things and cultivate long-term professional relationships. Pay attention the culture of your internship site. You can learn from how decisions are made to how tasks are accomplished and who is deemed successful.

Represent yourself, the University of Mount Olive and the Tillman School of Business well. You may be the first person and only person someone has met from our university. Exhibit a strong work ethic and stay clear of gossip, politics and cliques.  Maintain a positive attitude and communicate respectfully and professionally.

If you begin to fall behind in your learning goals, let a supervisor know immediately.