2 Years | 150 Feet | 1 Big Achievement

For the past two years seven University of Mount Olive arts majors and Cheryl Hooks, chair of the Department of Art and Visual Communication, have worked to create a mural at Fremont STARS Elementary School.  The mural runs the length of the second floor hall (10 feet tall and 150 feet long) and documents the natural formations of the state of North Carolina, beginning with the mountains and ending with the coast.  The mural includes many of the state’s symbols as well as documentation of ecosystems, plants, rocks and animals.  There is also a section on literary characters from the fifth grade reading list.

“The project seeks to promote the arts in such a way as to show the fundamental connection of art to all areas of study,” Hooks stated.  “We have used our gifts and talents to enhance the possible for our art majors and the children at Fremont STARS Elementary School.”
Hooks extends an open invitation for the public to visit the school and enjoy the mural.
For more information contact Professor Cheryl H. Hooks, chooks@moc.edu or 919.658.7182 or Fremont STARS Elementary School Principal Sheila Wolfe, sheilawolfe@wcps.org or 919.242.3410.