IRS VITA Program

Since 2015, the University of Mount Olive has participated in the nationwide IRS VITA program completing tax returns for area clients.  The goal of the program is to help people file their tax returns correctly and timely, and that taxpayers get their proper deductions and credits. Student volunteers, most of which are Tillman School of Business majors, must complete the IRS tax law training and exams.

Community members making less than $56,000 a year and do not file a tax return with a self-employed business (schedule C), rental property (schedule E), or stock/property sales (schedule D),  are eligible to participate in the UMO VITA program, a FREE tax filing service.

To take advantage of the service, interested tax payers will fill out the intake form and be interviewed by a volunteer. The volunteer will input the taxpayer’s information into the tax return program. Once all the information is verified with the taxpayer, another volunteer must review the tax return. No tax return is complete until it is reviewed by two volunteers and the site coordinator. After the tax return is reviewed, it is printed out and assembled for the taxpayer. Lastly, the taxpayer can authorize the UMO VITA program to efile their tax return to the IRS and the State of North Carolina. This assures that their tax return is filed on time in a secure manner and provides them with a speedier tax refund.

Student Information:

How does this program benefit students?

Students are able to learn how to properly prepare taxes, applying what they have learned in class as valuable, hands-on experience with real clients.

Are the student volunteers all accounting majors?

Many of the students are accounting majors; however, any major can participate in the program.

What is the criteria for getting involved?

Volunteers must complete the IRS tax law training and exams, in addition to hands-on training to ensure volunteers how to process the tax returns.