Academics and Classrooms

Classroom Policies & Setup

All UMO traditional courses will be offered through a hybrid model. We have taken this step to cut the traffic in our academic buildings in half. All students and professors will be required to wear masks which cover the mouth and nose and sanitize their hands upon entrance and exit to classrooms.

UMO’s Hybrid Model:

Classes will be divided so that half the group will meet for class one day and the other half will meet during the next assigned class day. Other course materials will be delivered via a virtual format. The instructor will divide course rosters into two distinctive groups, Group A and Group B. The course instructor will post a meeting schedule for each group in the course Moodle shell. Exceptions to this policy require the approval of the appropriate school dean.

Attendance Policy:

Attendance will be taken for both the seated and virtual components of classes in Moodle. When completing seated attendance, a value should only be put in Moodle for the days when a student is assigned to attend. Therefore, half the class will be blank each seated day. When completing the virtual attendance component, a value should be put in Moodle based on virtual participation in the course shell by Sunday for all students in the class. Refer to page 28 in the UMO Traditional Undergraduate Catalog for the Attendance Policy. When students are not able to attend classes due to sickness or isolation orders, they will be able to access course materials via the course Moodle shell.

Classroom Setup & Cleaning:

Classrooms will be configured to promote physical distancing. Classrooms should only be filled to half capacity at most, therefore half of the chairs will be removed in lecture rooms.

Instructors and students will be asked to wipe down their spaces to help prevent infection. Facilities maintenance will provide sufficient supply of wipes and cleaning products so that students and instructors can wipe their seats/workstations before and after every class/section. If instructors or students within a class test positive for COVID-19, relevant space(s) may be closed for some period of time, and the school may attempt to increase ventilation/open windows in the affected space(s)if possible.

Facilities maintenance will also provide routine cleaning procedures in all spaces including daily cleaning of high contact touch points, chairs, tables, knobs, A/V remotes.

Other cleaning guidelines relevant for instructional spaces include:

“Buildings and grounds will provide disinfecting wipes, or sprays for computer labs, classrooms, and public spaces for individuals to clean surfaces regularly” (H. Croom, personal communication, May 28, 2020).

Teaching & Learning Strategies

Faculty can access resources for developing various approaches to hybrid instruction and engagement on the Teach Anywhere Moodle site or through faculty development programming and resources offered by the Teaching Excellence Center. There is a repository of workshops offered this Summer regarding the online portion of hybrid instruction available on the 2019-2020 Faculty Development Moodle Shell. Additionally, TechSmith Knowmia is a new resource available that enables faculty to create and share effective, accessible media in their courses to enhance student engagement.

Students can access academic support resources by visiting the Learning Commons located in Moye Library, first floor or online.  The Learning Commons is here to continue to support students in the transition to hybrid classes.  Visit UMO Connect to schedule a meeting with Learning Common Staff Members or to schedule ARC or Writing Center appointments.  Instructions for how to reach each area are listed on the Academic Support page.

Policy on Recording Classes:

Instructors have permission to record class sessions so that information is available for unique circumstances (e.g. hybrid model instruction, COVID-19, etc.). Prior to recording a session, the instructors must notify the audience that the session is being recorded and disclose how the recording will be used.

Noting that instructors have permission to record and post sessions on Moodle, here are the rights as a UMO student:

  • Students are expected to actively engage in each session. If a student desires not to be visually recorded this should be disclosed to the instructor and they are responsible for positioning themselves outside the view of the camera. Understand that audio will still be recorded.
  • To record/stream video or audio, or take photos in the classroom, students must have permission of the instructor through a clearly posted statement in the class syllabus or have an authorized accommodation and appropriate signatures through the Office of Student Accessibility.
  • If a student video and/or audio records, streams or takes photographs in a class without the instructor’s permission, it will be considered dishonest and treated as a violation of the Code of Student Conduct.

This policy does not provide permission for the instructor or student to use the recordings in any manner that denigrates and/or decontextualizes any participant in the recording. It is against UMO policy and covenant to post, publish, or quote without the expressed consent of the instructor or speaker, and if permission is granted, proper citation must be provided.

Classroom Mask Policy:

If a student comes to class without a face covering, faculty will take the following steps: 1. Ask the student to put on a face covering properly. 2. If a student does not have a face covering, ask them to leave the classroom immediately to obtain one. 3. If the student complies at step one or two, then the issue is resolved. 4. If the student’s behavior is not in compliance within the classroom, the student should be asked to leave class immediately and a report filed with Student Affairs.

Student Sanction Guidelines
A first report will result in a warning letter. Second report is a letter and a $50.00 fine. Third report will result in a $100.00 fine and possible further sanctions. Fourth report is a $100.00 fine and additional sanctions that may include the immediate removal from campus (classroom and/or residence halls).