Alexandria Thorne’s Success Story

Alexandria Thorne, mom to 4 children under the age of 11 plus an adult bonus daughter, currently serves as a legal assistant, and plans to be a juvenile probation officer or court counselor.  Understanding that people are capable of change if you provide them with the resources and support they need is something Alexandria believes in.

Hoewever, there was one thing holding her back from her dream career – a college degree.  After being in and out of college for twelve years, Alexandria found herself feeling embarrassed that she had not completed her degree.  One day, she decided that it was time to make her dream a reality, and began searching for schools online.  After she found the University of Mount Olive and seeing so many positive reviews, she decided to enroll.

She admits, her educational journey has not been an easy path between being busy with kids and work, but she hasn’t let that stop her.  With only two classes left, Alexandra is proving that hard work pays off.  She credits her supervisors for the flexibility and support to go back to school, plus the help of some amazing professors who have helped her along the way, whether it be taking time to explain difficult classroom concepts, or just providing a little grace when life got in the way.

So when Alexandria walks across that graduation stage in just a few months, she knows she will be setting an example to her kids to show them that anything is possible.  Pretty sure they will be cheering her on, just like they always have!