Anna Strickland Furthers Her Faith at UMO

Anna Strickland Furthers Her Faith at UMO

MOUNT OLIVE- Anna Strickland, a Wayne County native and a devoted member of Walnut Creek OFWB Church, is a senior religion major at the University of Mount Olive. Locally born and raised, Strickland has always been familiar with the programs that UMO has to offer. Strickland earned her associate’s degree from Wayne Early Middle College High School and was ready to further her faith and pursue an education focused on religion.


“Originally, I did not plan to attend UMO,” said Strickland. “My oldest sister, Sara Strickland McLamb, attended UMO and I did not want it to seem as though I was following in her footsteps.”


However, as fate would have it, last minute difficulties with another university led Strickland directly to the Religion Department at UMO.


After her initial hesitation, Strickland trusted that her faith led her to the caring and supportive staff and faculty at UMO. “The Religion Department at UMO has changed my life,” Strickland expressed. “I can honestly say the Religion Department professors are hands down the most caring, genuine, and overall the best teachers I have ever had. They made me feel so welcomed and continue to encourage me and help me.”


As Strickland furthered her journey at UMO, she noted that her classes and peers helped her mature into a more confident student.


“Because of the Religion Department I feel that I have not only grown in my faith, but also as a person. By being in the Religion Department, I have learned so much about myself. I have always been a shy, timid person, but I’ve learned to be more confident in myself and what I believe.”


Throughout the past two years, Strickland has opened up spiritually and personally and contributed much of her time and faith to her church. She has taught the middle school Sunday school, led Youth Devotions and meetings, and preached for the youth Sunday services.


“UMO has definitely transformed my life,” says Strickland as she reflects on her journey and growth with the Religion Department at UMO.


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