Brown Will Bee Prepared

MOUNT OLIVE – 18 year old Preston Brown got one peek at life as a student at University of Mount Olive, and he wanted to be a Trojan. “I enjoyed learning about MOC at our college fair in high school,” said Brown. “The campus is small and easy to get around. I feel like here you can get to know your professors and advisors, as well as them knowing you in return.  At University of Mount Olive I can be more than a number.”

Brown, a Zebulon resident, is a freshman at MOC. He is living on campus and hopes to get the full college experience. He already knows exactly which major he’ll pick. “I have chosen to go into agricultural education. I loved my agriculture classes in high school and was a member and officer in our FFA.”

His love for agriculture led him to an interesting hobby—beekeeping. “My uncle kept bees, and I had helped him some on the weekends,” he explained. “About two years ago, he gave me my own hive to have at my house. As of today, I currently have seven hives with approximately 50,000 bees per hive. I have one hive of Italian honeybees, four hives of Russian x Buckfast honeybees, and two hives of feral (wild) honeybees.”

Brown continued, “There are many activities that keep me busy as a beekeeper. I have to rob honey from the bee hives along with removal of swarms when needed. I have to keep check on all the hives, and at times, we have to split hives and create new ones due to over population.”

He takes every opportunity he can to educate others about his hobby. “I have tried to create awareness to others about bees and their importance. I went to my sister’s elementary school on career day and talked with the students there about beekeeping.”

Brown will continue beekeeping while attending college. He has plans to spread awareness about the importance of bees to the MOC campus. “I do plan on continuing my beekeeping throughout college. I hope to obtain permission from my college advisors to eventually keep a few hives on campus by the garden over the course of my next four years at MOC.”

The nextfour years are looking good for Brown. He’s beginning a solid path at MOC with scholarships from the University of Mount Olive FFA and the Johnston County Farm Bureau. His time as a Trojan will be filled with many great moments. “I feel coming to MOC will benefit me in many ways,” said Brown. “It will help me by building relationships among peers and professors. It will teach me more ways of working in groups to get things done. I will learn so much from the experience, and it will help me gain more responsibility and with becoming a great teacher after completing my major.”

Brown will use his degree to continue spreading knowledge to future students in his community. “After graduating, I plan to teach in one of the high schools in Johnston County. That is an area that I am more familiar with, and it’s close to home. I hope to get others to know the importance of agriculture.”

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