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BA Agricultural Communication and Leadership

The Bachelor of Science degree in Agricultural Communication and Leadership program prepares graduates for a rapidly growing field in agriculture using everything from clones, drones, and iPhones! The University of Mount Olive, located in the heart of production agriculture in NC, has served as a leader in both education and agribusiness.

This degree encourages students to engage their own creative, critical thinking, and strategic problem-solving skills to articulate the story of agriculture through various media formats.  Additionally the degree, introduces and evaluates leadership styles and strategies, preparing students to propel themselves and the organizations served to success!

Key Program Features

Develop a professional leadership plan

Create strategies to be effective communicators – orally, written, and digitally

Enhance and develop communication strategies for the agricultural industry

Evaluate and embody leadership skills in teams, groups, or as individuals

Program Details

Students are educated in a diverse range of communication methods and leadership strategies by –

  • Examining the foundations of modern mass communications and various communications methods available for the food, fiber, and natural resources industries.
  • Exploring the principles, concepts, and skills necessary in photo-journalism, in addition to basic web design, and social media platforms to tell the story of the agricultural industry.
  • Applying current research and theories related to time management in addition to practical and relatable solutions to managing time and limited resources within the parameters of modern agricultural settings.
  • Evaluating personal leadership concepts related to personal reflection, strengths, communication skills, problem-solving, decision-making, goal-setting, developing a self-concept, and using personal influence.
  • Applying principles and techniques involved in creating, organizing and directing teams.
  • Personal Leadership
  • Communication Skills
  • Organizational Management
  • Human Resource Development
  • Sales And Presentation Skills
  • Facilitation And Engagement Training
  • Strategic Management
  • Policy Development
  • Government Relations
  • Media Relations
  • Marketing Skills

More Information

Major (48SH):

  • AGB 425 Agricultural Policy
  • AGB 445 Ethics & Decision Making
  • AGE 225 Trend & Issues
  • AGE 319 Leadership Development in Agriculture
  • AGL 220 Intro to Ag Communications
  • AGL 410 Organizational Dev & Leadership
  • LDR 300 Leadership
  • AGL 310 Writing for Agricultural Communication
  • AGL 320 Ag. Photo, Social Media, & Web
  • AGL 330 Time Management Organization
  • AGL 420 Effective Presentation & Facilitation
  • AGL 430 Personal Leadership Development
  • AGL 335 Interpersonal Leadership

Choose 3 SH from the following courses:

  • ENG 250 Business Communications
  • LDR 340 Case Studies in Leadership
  • LDR 400 Effective Conflict Resolution
  • LDR 440 Leading Change
  • MIS 347 Internet & Social Media
  • Agricultural Association/Organizational Management
  • Agricultural Policy Development
  • Corporate Agricultural Marketing And Communications
  • Agricultural Program Administrators
  • Industry Relations Specialist
  • Public Affairs
  • Adult & Extension Education
  • Advertising Copy Writer
  • Broadcast Journalist
  • Communications Coordinator
  • Public Relations Manager
  • Web Manager
  • Agricultural Marketing
  • Agricultural Communications Director/Public Affairs
  • Agricultural Media Specialist
  • Corporate Trainer
  • Agricultural Education
  • Management/Leadership Role Within Agricultural Enterprises