Woman scientist environmentalist sitting near the creek. She taking sample of water

BS Ecological and Environmental Science

The Bachelor of Science degree in Ecological and Environmental Science incorporates core concepts and methods from ecological, environmental, and physical sciences and how they can be applied in ecological problem solving.  Students are able to gain hands-on experience in the field through trips to local/regional fish and wildlife areas and also work with professionals in the field.

Key Program Features

Obtain the knowledge and skills to critically evaluate ecological and environmental issues as they relate to management and conservation of the natural environment

Be prepared for entry into professions involved in environmental monitoring, assessment, management, and education or for entering into graduate school

Understand how modern resource management includes the interaction of ecology, habitat,and human dimensions

Learn cutting edge statistical tools used in management of fish and wildlife populations

Program Details

A focus on local flora, fauna, and ecosystems is emphasized, preparing graduates for jobs in the region and state.

  • Survey design
  • Field sampling of terrestrial and aquatic species
  • Statistical analysis of ecological data
  • Identification of local plants and animal taxa

Competitive internship opportunities for students are available with state and federal agencies.

Students are able to complete required classes for professional certification through the Ecological Society of America.

More Information

Biology Core (44 sh):

BIO 120 Principles of Biology I & Lab
BIO 121 Principles of Biology II & Lab
BIO 220 Ecology
BIO 245 Molecular Biology & Cell
BIO 315 Research Methods
BIO 350 Genetics
CHE 221, 222 General Chemistry
CH 331
MAT 240 Statistics
PHY 221, 222 College Physics

Ecological & Environmental Science Core (16 sh) – Choose a minimum of 16 sh from the following with 6 sh at the 300/400 level:

BIO 230 General Botany & Lab
BIO 240 General Zoology & Lab
BIO 323 Marine Biology
BIO 365 Evolutionary Biology
BIO 370 Field Biology & Lab
BIO 405 Environmental Microbiology & Lab
BIO 416 Fundamentals of Fish & Wildlife Mgt. & Lab
BIO 425 Animal Behavior
BIO 431 Ichthyology & Lab
BIO 460 Senior Research & Seminar
BIO 461 Senior Research & Seminar
BIO 470-472 Senior Research & Seminar II, III, or IV
BIO 380 Special Topics
BIO 480 Special Topics
BIO 491 Internship
ENV 310 Ecosystem Ecology

  • Fisheries or Wildlife Biologist
  • Research Biologist
  • Environmental Consultant
  • Environmental Manager
  • Park Naturalist
  • Restoration Ecologist
  • Natural Resources Manager
  • Conservation Officer/Park Ranger (with additional law enforcement training)