Mathematics Education

The Bachelor of Science in Math Education (9-12) degree program prepares aspiring math teachers to pursue a career inspiring and educating adolescent learners. Education is a field that is subject to continual change over time. With a modern curriculum and diverse learning experiences, UMO seeks to graduate teacher candidates who are fully prepared to meet the challenges of tomorrow’s classroom.

Key Program Features

Be prepared to tackle problems in theoretical and applied mathematics

Acquire strong content knowledge of diverse areas of math and the skills to convey these concepts to others

Master mathematics and the ability to handle the challenges of a high school classroom

Program Details

Students acquire strong content knowledge in diverse areas of math and the skills to convey these concepts to others. This degree program offers a deeper mastery of mathematics coupled with the ability to handle the challenges of a high school classroom. UMO students benefit from a carefully designed curriculum intended to cultivate clear communication and critical analysis skills.

Graduates gain content-area knowledge and pedagogical knowledge including the principles of curriculum, instruction, and assessments.

All teacher candidates are required to complete a student teaching internship, under the supervision of a certified, experienced teacher. In this experience, teacher-candidates will apply their content and pedagogical knowledge in the professional field.

Upon graduation, students may be qualified for a teaching certificate. Specific assessments may be required to attain teaching licensure.

The Braswell Teaching Scholarship, funded by Jessie Dail and Walter Vernon Braswell Scholarship Endowment, provides a scholarship renewable annually up to three years. Scholarship amounts vary.

More Information

Traditional Undergraduate Degree Sheets

A Bachelor of Science in Mathematics Education (9-12) can prepare you to pursue a rewarding career teaching adolescents how to develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills. You might decide to apply for work as a high school math teacher in a public or private educational setting. Other possibilities may include:

  • Standardized test developer
  • Curriculum consultant
  • Private tutor

Beyond serving as a math teacher, a BS in math can open many doors in a range of industries. Professionals with a math background are sought after for jobs that may include:

  • Risk analyst
  • Economist
  • Financial analyst
  • Statistician
  • Quantitative analyst

Some career paths may require additional educational credentials.