BS Outreach and Extension Education

The Bachelor of Science degree in Outreach and Extension Education prepares graduates to be non-formal educators in the agricultural field. The degree can be tailored to match your career interests in extension, agribusiness, governmental agencies, or commodity associations.

Key Program Features

Design engaging non-formal learning opportunities in the agricultural field

Analyze and develop research in the agricultural field

Develop successful communication skills with agricultural professionals

Program Details

Students engage behind the scenes with industry and with government agencies at the local, state, and national level.

  • Upon graduation from the program at the University of Mount Olive, students will have had the chance to take two formal internships and a senior research project. The goal of this program is to assist the students with preparing them for entry level employment with one of the 29 agencies of the USDA, with the Cooperative Extension Service, or directly within the agricultural industry.
  • Students who successfully complete the APS-Outreach and Extension Education program will meet the minimum 30-hour requirement from the USDA to apply for GS-% level jobs or above with the organization.
  • Nationally there are approximately over 14,000 extension agents. These agents are employed in every county and parish in the United States. According to the USDA (2019) close to 100,000 people work in the USDA at over 4,500 locations nationwide.
  • In North Carolina, there are 900+ extension agents that work in all 100 counties.

All Outreach and Extension Education students are required to complete two internships within the agricultural profession. The internships are designed to lead to potential future employment opportunities for students upon graduation.

Students engage behind the scenes with industry and with government agencies at the local, state, and national level.

More Information

Agricultural Production Systems Core (46SH):

  • AGB/AGE 115 Issues in Agriculture
  • AGE 116 Animal Science
  • AGE/BIO 116L Intro to Animal Science Lab
  • AGE 150 Wood and Metal Working
  • AGE 211 Crop Science & Lab
  • AGE 215 Field Experiences in Agriculture
  • AGE 240 Horticultural Methods
  • AGE 240L Horticultural Methods Lab
  • AGE 316 Animal Production and Management & Lab
  • AGE 319 Agricultural Leadership in Rural Communities
  • AGE 321 Plant Mgt.-Identification/Utilization & Lab
  • AGE/EES 360 Soil Sciences & Lab
  • AGE 381 Special Topics
  • AGE 421 Integrated Pest Management & Lab
  • AGE 425 Internship in Agriculture Programs
  • AGB 310 Farm Business Management

Major (20SH):

  • BIO 230 General Botany
  • BIO 230L General Botany Lab
  • MAT 240 Statistical Methods
  • AGE 250 Small Engines/Electrical
  • AGE 317 Student Organizations & Leadership
  • AGE 419 Delivering Non-Formal Education
  • AGE 498 Senior Research Project
  • USDA
  • Cooperative Extension Service
  • Private Industry