Plant Science

The Bachelor of Science in Plant Science integrates two of the world’s largest industries – agronomy and horticulture – preparing students for various careers in either industry. Plant science expertise is needed to address many challenging problems facing our world today, including producing enough food for our growing world population, developing sustainable cropping practices, breeding plants to tolerate climate change, and conserving species.

Key Program Features

Gain the knowledge and skills needed in the agronomic and horticultural industries through hands-on learning

Emphasize horticultural and agronomic cropping models, including greenhouse and nursery, fruit and vegetable production, row crop systems, organics, and sustainability

Program Details

While most degree programs have students focus on one of these two industries, UMO’s Plant Science program incorporates both agronomy and horticulture. Our students will work at the UMO Student Farm, Greenhouse, Arboretum, and Fitness Garden to ensure a hands-on learning experience that prepares them with the skills to be successful in multiple career pathways.

  • Skills in plant production for field, nursery, or greenhouse crops, including sexual and asexual propagation techniques
  • Ability to develop an integrated pest management program, take soil samples and interpret soil test reports, and practice using precision agriculture technology, including CLIMATE FieldView™ and mapping and soil sampling technologies

Students are required to participate in one internship, and various opportunities with area companies are available, including

  • North Carolina Cooperative Extension
  • Seed Companies
  • Landscape Companies
  • Greenhouse and Nursery Operations
  • Chemical Sales Positions
  • Research Opportunities (Public and Private Institutions)
  • Turfgrass Operations
  • Farm Management
  • Botanical Gardens & Arboreta
  • Agronomic Crop Consultants
  • Agronomic Research
  • Graduate School

Students have the unique ability to work hands-on at the UMO Farm and Horticultural facilities – following production from seed to market. Hands-on learning is also incorporated in our labs, where the student to faculty ratio is 14:1, allowing students to work with current precision agriculture technologies. Students can also attend various field trips to local operations in order to stay abreast of changes in the industry.

  • NCNLA Certified Plant Professional
  • American Society of Agronomy | Crop Science Society of America | Soil Science Society of America Certified Crop Advisor Certification
  • NC Core Pesticide Commercial
  • NC Agricultural Pest Control-Plant
  • NC Research and Demonstration
  • NC Ornamental and Turf

More Information

Traditional Undergraduate Degree Sheets
  • Horticulture Extension Agent
  • Crops Extension Agent
  • Grower
  • Integrated Pest Management Specialist
  • Plant Inspector
  • Plant Propagation
  • Greenhouse Grower
  • Nursery Grower
  • Research Technician
  • Horticulturalist (Botanical Gardens/Arboreta)
  • Athletic Field Groundskeeper
  • Lawn Care Specialist
  • Agronomic Crop Scout
  • Chemical Sales Representative
  • Horticultural Sales Representative
  • Landscaper
  • Seed Representative
  • Crop Consultant
  • Graduate School