BS Sports Communication

The Bachelor of Science in Recreation & Leisure Studies with a concentration in Sports Communication program prepares students for careers in public relations and marketing in a variety of athletic/sports organizations, including collegiate, semi-professional and professional sports, municipal or county parks and recreation departments, nonprofit agencies, and youth sports organizations, among others. The degree attracts students who are passionate about sports and the written word. The program welcomes creative individuals with a care for detail and ability to speak and write effectively.

Sports Communication professionals are responsible for projecting the desired image of an athletic organization to the public to increase team identity, build the fan base, increase ticket sales/attendance, promote events, and garner support and loyalty. Sports Communication professionals are responsible for maintaining accurate and up-to-date websites, player and team statistics, and social media accounts.

Key Program Features

Understand the scope, career possibilities, and impact the field of sports communication has on individuals, communities, and the economy

Develop confidence and competence in utilizing multiple media formats to communicate clearly with internal and external stakeholders and the public in general

Program Details

UMO offers a hands-on active curriculum that brings knowledge in the text book into action. Students choose from a wide assortment of courses across many related disciplines, tailoring their course of study to their area of interest, such as broadcasting, mass media, photography, or web design. All students will gain valuable hands-on experience through two unique courses: field training in the second year and the internship the semester prior to graduation. The UMO office of Athletics Communications offers students an opportunity to hone their skills while promoting the Trojans!

UMO Recreation and Leisure Studies students have the possibility to earn two separate scholarships during their tenure with the University. The RLS department recognizes annually The Most Outstanding Senior and The Most Promising Underclassman. These students are awarded a $500 scholarship to be used towards tuition expenses.

  • Coaching
  • Sport Psychology

More Information

Foundation Course (3SH)

  • RLS 111 Foundations of RLS & HPE OR
  • 171 Sports Management

Core (19SH)

  • RLS 201 Intro to Research & Writing in RLS
  • RLS 230, 231, 232 Field Training
  • RLS 310 History & Philosophy of Rec/Leisure
  • RLS 320 Program Planning & Leadership
  • RLS 400 Research Methods OR
  • CJC/SOC 401 Research Methods for Social Science
  • RLS 420 Management of Recreation & Leisure
  • RLS 430 Senior Seminar

Professional Emphasis (42SH)

  • RLS 360 Sports Marketing/Promotion
  • RLS 370 Sports Communication
  • RLS 499 Internship

Choose 24SH from the following courses:

  • ART 132 Graphic Design Fundamentals
  • ART 142 Fundamentals of Photography
  • ART 235 Digital Application
  • ART 241 Advanced Photographic Concepts
  • ART 434 Web Design
  • CIS 310 System Analysis and Design
  • CIC 435 Web Design and Development
  • ENG 250 Business Communication
  • ENG 260 Intro to Mass Media
  • ENG 310 Advanced Composition
  • ENG 312 Technical Writing
  • MIS 347 Internet and Social Media Marketing
  • MKT 351 Fundamentals of Marketing
  • MKT 353 Marketing Communications
  • PED 310 Sport Psychology/Sociology of Sport
  • RLS 415 Legal Liability
  • Sports Information Director
  • Assistant Sports Information Director
  • Sports Information Coordinator
  • Associate Sports Information Director
  • Assistant Athletic Director
  • Athletic Director
  • Marketing Director or Manager
  • Public Information Officer
  • Social Media Specialist
  • Public Relations Director, Manager or Specialist

Graduates will have the hands-on experience and technical knowledge to begin careers in sports communications as Sports Information Directors or Associates for college and university athletic departments and public relation or marketing specialists for public park and recreation departments, nonprofit agencies, athletic leagues, or professional and semi-professional sports teams and venues. A strong need exists for park and recreation professionals to have a sound background in communications and public relations, particularly utilizing the web, social media, graphic design, and professional writing skills. This field is a growing one, and the University of Mount Olive can prepare you for it!