BS Veterinary Bioscience

The Veterinary Bioscience degree program is an interdisciplinary degree that will give students a foundation in science with the option of a Biological Sciences or Animal Science concentration. Both options allow students to complete prerequisite coursework stipulated by the Veterinary Medical College Application Service and the Association of American Veterinary Medical Colleges, making them competitive for acceptance into schools such as NC State Veterinary School, Auburn University, University of Florida, Virginia/Maryland College of Veterinary Science, and University of Tennessee. In addition to preparing students for Veterinary School, these concentrations will make students competitive for research-based graduate programs and/or industry positions in science and agriculture.

Key Program Features

Master basic biological and chemical laboratory skills as well as animal handling skills

Complete prerequisite coursework stipulated by the Veterinary Medical College Application Service

Work hands-on caring for animals at the Kornegay Student Farm and through class research projects

Program Details

Our program allows students to complete a Chemistry minor built into the Veterinary Bioscience degree. Within the Animal Sciences concentration, students will work hands-on with cattle, sheep, goats, swine, poultry, and equine.

Students will be able to intern with small animal and large animal veterinarians as well as obtain research and sales positions within the pharmaceutical, biomedical, and animal health industries.

More Information

Veterinary Science Core (46SH)

  • BIO 120, 120L Principles of Biology I & Lab
  • BIO 121, 121L Principles of Biology II & Lab
  • BIO 350 Genetics
  • BIO 360 Microbiology & Lab
  • CHE 221, 222 General Chemistry I, II & Lab
  • CHEM 331, 332 Organic Chemistry I, II & Lab
  • CHEM 420 Biochemistry I & Lab
  • PHY 221, 222 College Physics I, II & Lab
  • MAT 240 Statistics

Biological Science or Animal Science Concentration (22 or 28SH) – Choose one of the following concentrations:

Biological Science (22SH)

  • AGE 116 Introduction to Animal Science
  • AGE 116L Introduction to Animal Science Lab
  • AGE 270 Animal Nutrition & Lab
  • BIO 270 Vertebrate Biology & Physiology
  • BIO 315 Research Methods & Lab
  • BIO 425 Animal Behavior
  • BIO 491 Internship

Animal Science (28SH)

  • AGE/AGB 115 Issues in Agriculture
  • AGE/AGB 116, 116L Introduction to Animal Science & Lab
  • AGE/AGB 270 Animal Nutrition & Lab
  • AGE/AGB Animal Production and Management & Lab
  • AGE/AGB Anatomy & Physiology of Domestic Animals & Lab
  • AGE/AGB Internship in Agriculture
  • AGE/AGB Reproductive Physiology of Livestock & Lab
  • AGE/AGB 475 Animal Diseases
  • Research and sales positions within the pharmaceutical, biomedical and animal health industries
  • Quality assurance technicians in the food industry
  • Continued study for veterinary school or graduate programs in biology or animal science