Education is the Key to Transforming Careers

WASHINGTON – University of Mount Olive at Washington offers the perfect opportunity for working adults to start their college careers or further their educational endeavors toward an associate’s or bachelor’s degree.  MOC alumni Jonathan Lee ‘10 and Timothy Waters ’07 used the skills they learned while attending University of Mount Olive at Washington to take their careers to the next level.
Thirty year old Greenville resident Jonathan Lee majored in criminal justice with a concentration in criminology at University of Mount Olive. He is now a crime scene agent for the North Carolina State Bureau of Investigation. “I was always attracted to law enforcement since I was a kid,” Lee explained. “After serving in the Air Force as a military police officer and being a state trooper, I thought it was only right to finish my degree in criminal justice.”
“University of Mount Olive gave me the opportunity to finish my degree while maintaining a full time job.  They offered flexibility in class schedules that other schools couldn’t.” The degree Lee earned from University of Mount Olive allowed him to grab a prestigious position he enjoys. “As a crime scene agent, I conduct criminal investigations and assist local law enforcement agencies with the processing of crime scenes. I feel that I’m being challenged mentally on a daily basis. This has always been a goal of mine, and I have finally achieved that goal.”
Thirty five year old Bath native Timothy Waters majored in management and organizational development and graduated summa cum laude from University of Mount Olive at Washington. Waters is now a complex manager. “My work ethic coupled with the principles I learned at MOC helped me advance to running a complex in less than three years,” Waters said.
University of Mount Olive gave Waters a competitive edge in a job market that can be difficult to navigate. “Having the degree helped me get in a position with potential to advance. It has opened doors for me. I believe I could have opened these doors eventually, but MOC definitely sped up the process.”
Both men credit supportive families as a vital key to their success. “My wife Amber helped so much by taking on extra duties around the house while I spent time on my studies,” Waters explained. Lee has the same sentiments about his own wife, Ann-Marie. “She has been here for me for the last five years and has always made me feel like I can accomplish anything I put my mind to.  I started school before I met her, but she is definitely the reason I finished.”
Although they have already accomplished a lot, Waters and Lee are eager to utilize the education they received at University of Mount Olive to move even further in their careers. “I want to continue to grow in the role I am currently in.  I could see this being a life time position,” said Waters. Lee is currently enrolled in a master’s program. He plans on returning to University of Mount Olive, but not as a student. “I will complete my studies in December. After graduation, I plan on sending my résumé to University of Mount Olive. I hope to teach there sometime in the near future.”
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