The ETC College Rankings Index Provides College Outcomes Information

The ETC College Rankings Index Provides College Outcomes Information


San Diego, CA – June 2014 – EDUCATE TO CAREER, INC. (ETC), a California-based 501(c)(3) nonprofit, announces the release of its ETC College Rankings Index– an outcome-based college rankings index for the real world.


“The crisis in higher education is not one of people not getting educated.” states Mr. Michael R. Havis (president and founder of Educate To Career), who then goes on to say, “It is one in which a student’s education is not tracking to jobs or careers relevant to their degree – for 50% of recent college grads.”  “Coupled with an extremely heavy debt-load that the majority of students incur, the impact upon our young people is both tragic and unconscionable.”


Why we invented the ETC College Rankings Index –To serve the students. Young people are entitled to reliable facts upon which to make informed decisions regarding college selection. ETC is interested in real-world outcomes for college graduates – based on their majors and the colleges that they graduated from.


“Students looking for a quality education, in majors that lead to successful career outcomes, now have actionable information as provided by our ETC College Rankings Index” – states Mr. Havis.


According to Mr. Havis, “Educate To Career delivers on the promise of the College Scorecard with actual college outcomes data.


“The Index empirically determines the economic value added by each of the over 1200 colleges ranked within our system. We calculate the improvement in earnings and employability of persons who attended specific colleges, relative to those similarly situated in other colleges.”


“Not so surprisingly”, Mr. Havis concludes, “local public colleges tend to offer the best value in a college education based on our criteria.”


The ETC College Rankings Index is found on the Educate To Career website, along with Educate To Career’s other innovative college and career planning tools- CareerBuddy, CollegeBuddy, SalaryBean.


Educate To Career is the leader in providing data, tools and programs in the area of educational attainment to career outcomes.


For more information, contact Michael R. Havis (562) 248-6262