FAQ Regarding the Change to University of Mount Olive

Frequently Asked Questions regarding the
change to University of Mount Olive.


1.     Why the change from College to University?

a.     The elevation from University of Mount Olive to the University of Mount Olive acknowledges the continued growth and success of the institution while providing students and graduates additional prominence in today’s competitive job market.  We believe the word ‘university’ more accurately reflects the current complexity of our academic programs and ultimately enhances the value of a Mount Olive degree for past, present and future graduates.  The name change will also be helpful in our international recruiting efforts, will boost marketing and branding for the school and will facilitate fundraising efforts.


2.     Will our colors and our nickname change?

a.     Our colors will remain Green and White.

b.     Our nickname will stay The Trojans.


3.     When will we have a new logo?

a.     We are engaging an outside company to help us with an updated logo and brand book that will be available in the coming months.


4.     What do I use in the meantime if a logo is required for my project?

a.     If you have to use a logo, use the current University of Mount Olive logo.  Please don’t alter the logo in any way to include the new university name.


5.     How do I use the new name on pieces that can’t wait until we have a new logo?

a.     If you need to visually represent the university name, use Times New Roman font (University of Mount Olive).


6.     Do I lowercase “the” before the university name?

a.     Yes, lowercase “the” before the university name.  (example:  He attends the University of Mount Olive.) “The” is not part of the formal name.

b.     Locations will be referred to as

i.     the University of Mount Olive at Goldsboro

ii.     the University of Mount Olive at New Bern

iii.     the University of Mount Olive at Research Triangle Park

iv.     the University of Mount Olive at Washington

v.     the University of Mount Olive at Wilmington

vi.     the University of Mount Olive at Jacksonville

c.     The Evening College program will be referred to as

i.     the University of Mount Olive – Evening College


7.     I am running out of letterhead, business cards, etc. what do I do?

a.     If your immediate supply runs out before our new logo is ready, please reorder small quantities of the old letterhead, business cards, etc. to get you through until our new logo has been approved.


8.     Can I change my email signature and voicemail reply?

a.     Changing voicemail messages and email signatures to “University of Mount Olive” is encouraged.


9.     How do we abbreviate our new name?

a.     UMO for University of Mount Olive


10.  How do I list the institution name on a resume or application?

a.     You can list it as University of Mount Olive (formerly University of Mount Olive)


11.  Why am I still seeing advertisements and billboards with the College name on it instead of University?

a.     Every aspect of our operations from business cards, to signage, to letterhead, to institutional marketing, to athletic uniforms, etc. will ultimately be changed.  To do it all at once would be an expensive undertaking.  We want to be good stewards of the gifts entrusted to the University, so we will transition into our new name over the next several months


12.  When will our email address change?

a.     We will not change email addresses now because we do not want to disrupt certain operational processes.  We will notify everyone later this semester about the time frame for changing email addresses.  At this time, we anticipate that it will be sometime during the summer.

b.     New students for the fall will have umo.edu email addresses, beginning with the first new student orientation on April 12, 2014.


13.  What will our new website address be and when will it be active?

a.     old.umo.edu is currently active and is directing traffic to the existing website at www.moc.edu.

b.     The new web address for athletics is www.umotrojans.com.  The previous web address, www.moctrojans.com still directs traffic to the athletics webpage, which is also accessible through old.umo.edu or www.moc.edu.


14.  Can I get a new diploma?

a.     It is our intention to reissue diplomas as requested; we will charge $25 for each diploma. The new diploma will be issued in the name of the person and for the date degree awarded, but all signatures will be those of current personnel.  A diploma template of the new design may be made available for students/alumni contemplating a new diploma request.


15.  Will we get name tags with the new name?

a.     The HR Office will be responsible for securing bids for and ordering new name tags for employees.


16.         Signage

1.     A meeting regarding signage has been held with architects. Work will begin soon on changing or replacing signs to reflect the new name. It will take several months to complete the process.

2.     Some of the old signage may be placed in the archives or given to the Alumni Office for their use at future events.