FWB Churches in Lenoir County Donate to University of Mount Olive

FWB Churches in Lenoir County Donate to University of Mount Olive

MOUNT OLIVE – Members representing Free Will Baptist churches in Lenoir County generated $28,789 in gifts to the University of Mount Olive, the denomination’s private, Christian liberal arts institution.

Churches presented their gifts to the University at a dinner held at La Grange Free Will Baptist Church. Of those giving, 114 were designated as Bridge Builders for contributing a gift of $100 or more. Cleo S. Hinson served as the county dinner chair. The Chamber Choir provided music for the event.

Jean F. Ackiss, director of Church Support, said “The University of Mount Olive is very blessed to have a unique relationship with the Original Free Will Baptist Church.  One of the ways that this relationship is nurtured is through the annual church dinners. Through this program alone the churches give approximately $500,000 each year because they believe in the mission of the University and the difference it is making in the lives of the students we serve.  Also, because of this annual fund program, which began in 1963, the church has grown tremendously in its relationship with the University.  The annual dinners keep the University connected with the Church in a wonderful way as they attend the dinner in their county and hear personally from students and learn of their experiences at UMO.”

The Convention of Original Free Will Baptists established the University of Mount Olive in 1951 as one of its ministries and has given strong support throughout its history.

The University of Mount Olive is a private institution rooted in the liberal arts tradition with defining Christian values. The University, sponsored by the Convention of Original Free Will Baptists, has locations in Mount Olive, New Bern, Wilmington, Seymour Johnson Air Force Base, Research Triangle Park, Washington, Jacksonville, and in Smithfield at Johnston Community College.  For more information, visit old.umo.edu.