Getting to Know Shameka Ransome

Getting to Know Shameka Ransome
University of Mount Olive at Washington CJ Major

In 2005 Shameka Ransome of Tarboro NC suffered three major strokes, as well as a heart attack. She was only 26 years old at the time.   Left with a lasting learning disability, Ransome refused to be defeated.  If anything, it only fueled her desire to learn, to grow, and to better herself.

In 2014 Ransome enrolled in the criminal justice and criminology program at the University of Mount Olive at Washington.  Her long term goal is to become an attorney and be a strong advocate for injustices, as well as a voice for change.

“Everyone at the University of Mount Olive has been so great to me,” she said. “The University has provided me the challenges that I needed to break out of comfort zone.  At UMO, I have been shown that despite my current disability, I now know that anything worth having is worth working for.”

At UMO Ransome is learning the value of hard work and determination.  “The modular style programming at UMO is preparing me for the fast pace of the real world,” she commented. “I’m still getting used to being back in school.  Now, it’s just a matter of me implementing time management skills.”

When asked what she would tell other potential students about returning to college, Ransome said, “I would tell them that with proper time management skills and the desire to be all you can be, returning to college can be a rewarding experience both academically and financially.”

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