Important Information About Hurricane Dorian

Important Information About Hurricane Dorian

We continue to follow the progress of Hurricane Dorian and although there are some variations in the projected paths by the different models, it is looking more likely that eastern North Carolina will be affected.

Therefore, we have decided to cancel all seated classes (both Traditional and at the Locations) starting with Wednesday morning at 8 AM. We understand that our faculty colleagues will need to make appropriate adjustments in their Moodle shells for each of their classes as may be necessary, both seated and online classes.  Submission of projects, papers, examinations, etc. may be very difficult during these days if the electricity has been lost.  Understanding, patience, and some degree of latitude will be necessary by all of us.

We are issuing a voluntary evacuation for students beginning at 8:00 AM, Wednesday, September 3. We are encouraging those students who are able to leave to vacate campus by 12:00 PM Wednesday.  Resident students are required to complete the Student Inclement Weather Plan forms with their RA before leaving campus or by noon on Wednesday.  Those students remaining on campus will receive further information and updates from the Residence Life Staff. Please ensure that your plans are such so that you are not traveling when the storm hits either your travel route or your destination. Residence halls are scheduled to reopen for normal operations on Sunday, September 8, at Noon and our normal class schedule will resume Monday September 9th, unless otherwise notified.

University operations at all locations will continue on normally-scheduled business hours on Wednesday, September 4th. After that time, the University will close to all non-essential classified personnel (faculty & staff) and remain closed through Sunday, September 8th. Please continue to monitor your email and e2Campus for any potential modifications to University operations.


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