Lambuth Finds Inner Strength at MOC

lambuth, may commencement, graduation, dudley, evening collegeMOUNT OLIVE – Lisa-Marie Ann Lambuth of Dudley started her professional career in a field that made her unhappy. She decided to switch careers by going back to school. Her decision led her to the Evening College at University of Mount Olive and changed her life forever. “When I first enrolled at MOC, I was a shadow of the woman I am today,” said Lambuth. “I had recently given up a career in nursing, because I believed that I deserved to be happy in my career choice. I felt that it was my duty as a mother to lead by example and never settle for a career that was not self-actualizing.”

Lambuth, a 32 year old mother of two, chose to set that example by majoring in a field that she was passionate about, criminal justice. “I heard MOC’s Criminal Justice Program offered career choices in domestic violence counseling, which had a very personal impact from my previous marriage. I immediately knew that this was the program I wanted.”

Reflecting on her past, Lambuth had some anxiety when she began taking classes online at MOC. “When I began, I was filled with self-doubt and the belief that I would never belong; that I was a broken woman who may never fit in anywhere. My self-perception slowly began to change as the program progressed. Positive feedback from qualified teachers gave me confidence that I never possessed before.”

She was encouraged to continue, especially by her husband, Isaac Lambuth. “I had always enjoyed psychology and human behavior, but I found the strength to search for programs of interest because of the strong belief that my husband had in me.” Now she is the one doing the encouraging. “Isaac has now also started in the Evening Program at MOC,” stated Lambuth.

“He has nearly finished his electives and has moved onto core courses in his bachelors of applied science in computer information systems. University of Mount Olive has shown us both that an education is not only plausible but essential. He now has a new goal to pursue a master’s degree in cyber security, which he never would have without MOC.”

Lambuth has gained inner strength as a student at MOC. “MOC has transformed me into the best version of myself, and I feel like this is only the beginning. I now have the determination to start a master’s degree; something I would never have dreamed of before. I plan on entering graduate school for a master’s of science in professional counseling. Through counseling, I hope to instill confidence, strength, and educational goals to assist the next generation in discovering their full potential.”

Lambuth resides in Dudley with her husband Isaac and two children, Dylan and Chase.

University of Mount Olive graduated approximately 360 students at its 59th spring commencement on Saturday, May 4th.

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